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Prof. Chinyere Ukaga

Professor of Public Health Parasitology
Imo State University Owerri
Lake Nwaebere Campus P.M.B. 2000

Brief Biography:

Chinyere Nneka Ukaga

Department  of Animal and Environmental Biology

  Faculty of Science     

Imo State University, P.M.B. 2000 Owerri


E-Mail Address:       chinyukaga@yahoo.com

Telephone:    +234-8057409854, +234-8068254576



Chinyere was the 1999 best graduating Ph.D student of the University of Nigeria Nsukka clinching both the Vice-chancellor’s and Faculty awards. She holds a Ph.D degree in Medical Parasitology from the Department of Zoology University of Nigeria Nsukka. The Ph.D program was supported by the Tropical Diseases Research (TDR)/ World Health Organization (WHO) training grant.


She is a self-motivated and personable mature female, a strong academic as well as a researcher. She has more than 16 years of teaching and research experience working with both undergraduate and postgraduate students in public health parasitology at Postgraduate diploma, Master’s and Doctoral levels. She has to her credit more than 60 publications. She presently consults for the African Program on Onchocerciasis Control (APOC) a subsidiary of World Health Organization.


She is a good team member and believes strongly in God, fair play and justice. She excels under pressure producing good quality results even under very short notice. Chinyere is warm, very friendly and gets on well with others including her students who see her as a mentor. She is receptive to new ideas and encourages a stable conducive environment where exchange of ideas, designing of new projects is promoted. She believes in excellence in whatever service, networking as well as the strength of group work.



  • Excellent leadership and organizational skills.
  • Strict attention to details.
  • Is able to work under pressure, while always being aware of the importance of efficient and effective quality management.



Maiden Name:                                  Dallah, Chinyere Nneka

Date/Place of Birth:                         8th Oct. 1966 / Enugu Nigeria

Sex:                                                     Female

Marital Status:                                  Married

No. of Children:                               Four

Spouse:                                              Ukaga, Stanley Roberts (Chief)

Employer:                                         Imo State University Owerri

Position/Rank                                  Deputy Director OCS/Associate Professor



  • Ph.D Zoology (Medical Parasitology) (University OF Nigeria, Nsukka, 12/1999).


  • Fellowship training in the laboratory of Dr. Hartwig Schulz – Key, Institut fur Tropenmedizin, Tubingen, Germany, August 1992 – 1993 (WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION TRAINING GRANT FOR Ph.D).


  • International course on the “Epidemiology and control of Filariasis”, Tanga, Tanzania. Oct. 14TH – Nov. 1991.


  • M.Sc Zoology (Medical Parasitology) (University of Nigeria, Nsukka, 11/1989).


  • B.Sc. (HONS.) Zoology, (University of Nigeria, Nsukka, 07/1987).


  • West African School Certificate (Fed. Govt. Girls’ College, Onitsha, 07/1983).



  1. University of Nigeria Nsukka Vice Chancellor’s post graduate prize (1st prize) as the best graduating Ph.D student for the 1998/1999 academic session.
  2. University of Nigeria Nsukka Vice Chancellor’s Faculty post graduate prize as the best graduating Ph.D student for the 1998/1999 academic session.
  3. World Health Organization training grant (1992 – 1995)
  4. World Health Organization training grant (1989)
  5. Federal Government scholarship (1989 –1990).
  6. Federal Government scholarship (1978 –1983).



  1. Executive Member, Parasitology and Public Health Society of Nigerian (National Vice President)
  2. Executive Member, Zoological Society of Nigeria (South East Zonal Coordinator)
  3. Fellow, Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
  4. 4.                  Member, American Society of Parasitologists
  5. Member, National Association of Women in Academics
  6. Member, Women Resources Center Imo State University Owerri
  7. Member, Biotechnological Society of Nigeria
  8. Member, Forum for African Women Educationalists
  9. Member, Center for Development Studies, Imo State University Owerri






Academic positions:


Professor of Public Health Parasitology, Imo State University Owerri                           2008 – date

Presently serving the University, as the Director Consultancy Services.


Associate Professor, Public Health Parasitology, Imo State University Owerri              2005 - 2008

Served the University in various capacities, such as the Deputy Director, Consultancy Services; Head, Department of Animal and Environmental Biology (for more than six years); Ag. Dean Faculty of Science several times while the Dean was away; Ag. Director Academic Planning Unit. Have produced more than 11 PHD and 30 Master’s Degree students in Public Health Parasitology.


Senior Lecturer, Imo State University Owerri,                                                                  2002 – 2005

            Served the University as Head, Department of Animal and Environmental Biology from 2003 initially in Acting capacity in addition to teaching and research.


Lecturer 1, Imo State University Owerri                                                                            1999 – 2002

Teaching and research activities.


Lecturer 11, Imo State University Owerri                                                                          1995 – 1999

            Teaching and research activities


Assistant Lecturer, Imo State University Owerri                                                               1994 – 1995

            Teaching and research activities


Research officer, UNDP/WORLD BANK/WHO Onchocerciasis Control Project,       1989 – 1992

College of Medicine, University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus

Worked as the Project Research Officer, responsible for the collection, examination and analysis of Parasitological data from the fields                                                                                   



Project Title:            Malaria No More

Project Sponsors:    Malaria No More Organization

Period Covered:       Ongoing

Status:                      Malaria Griot Graduate/Advocate


Project Title:           Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Classification: Amnesty    

        for the Niger Delta Ex-combatants

Project Sponsors:    Presidential Amnesty Program 2010

Period Covered:      Ongoing

Status:                     Consultant (Sierra-Cisr)


Project Title:             National Climate Change Adaptation Strategy in Nigeria: Human Health

Project Sponsors:      Building Nigerian Response to Climate Change/ Nigerian Environmental

          Study Team

Period Covered:       August – October 2010

Status:                      Consultant


Project Title:                Weppa – Ekperi Chimpanzee Conservation Project (WECCOP)

Project Sponsors:         Eileen &Eileen International Biodiversity Conservation Inc.

Period Covered:           2008

Status:                          Consultant Parasitologist


Project Title:                Study on the Geographical and Therapeutic Coverage of Ivermectin 

Distribution in CDTI communities of Ghana

Project Sponsors:        WHO/APOC Burkina Faso

Period Covered:          November 2007

Status:                         Participant/WHO Consultant


Project Title:                Independent Monitoring of CDTI Projects in Liberia West Africa

Project Sponsors:        WHO/APOC Burkina Faso

Period Covered:          August – September 2005

Status:                         Team Leader/WHO Consultant


Project Title:                Sustainability of CDTI Projects in Ogun State Nigeria

Project Sponsors:        WHO/APOC Burkina Faso

Period Covered:          October –November 2004

Status:                         Participant/WHO Consultant    


Project Title:                Lymphatic Filariasis and Onchocerciasis in the Rain Forest of Nigeria:

The Social Effects of Genital Complications among Women

Project Sponsors:        TDR/WHO (Director’s Initiative Fund)

Principal Investigator: Prof. B. E. B. Nwoke

Project No.:                 DIF ID. 931087

Period Covered:          1994 - 1995

Status:                         Participant


Project Title:                Characterization and Utilization of two New Filarial Models for

Investigation of Immunity, Chemotherapy and Pathology

Project Sponsors:        TDR/WHO Geneva

Principal Investigator: Prof. P. O. Okonkwo

Project No.:                 TS* CT91 – 0037

Period Covered:          April1992 – March1993

Status:                         Participant


Research interests:

Parasitic and Infectious diseases: Epidemiology and control

Unorthodox means of parasitic and infectious diseases control


Any other information:

Some Recent Publications:
1. Amechi A.A., Nwoke B.E.B., Ukaga C.N., Udujih H., Emukah E.C., Prince T.O., Eneanya C.I., Onyeka P.I.K., and Okere A. N. (2011a): Seasonal variations in human Lymphatic Filariasis transmission by mosquitoes in parts of Ebonyi State, Nigeria. International Science Research Journal 2: 56-61

2. Ukaga C.N., Obiora I.E., Nwoke B.E.B.,Ezeunala M.N., Nwachukwu M.I., Ajero C.M.U. and Ekwunife C.A. (2011): Malaria morbidity and mortality in Owerri Hospitals. Nigerian Journal of Parasitology 32 (2): 175 – 180

3. Orji C., Ukaga C.N., Nwoke B.E.B., Nwokeji C.A., Nwachukwu M.I., Ajero C.M.U., Ezeunala M.N., and Ekwunife C.A. (2011): Possible antiplasmodic effects of antituberculosis drugs on Tuberculosis patients with malaria in Owerri, Imo State Nigeria. American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Public Health 1(2): 22 -30

4. Ajero C.M.U., Ukaga C.N., and Ebirim C. (2011): The Role of Cockroaches (Blatta orientalis and Periplaneta americana) in mechanical transmission of parasites in households in Owerri, South East Nigeria. Nigerian Journal of Parasitology 32(2): 153 – 156

5. Chukwuocha U.M., Dozie I.N.S., Ukaga C.N., and Nwoke B.E.B. (2011): Rapid assessment of Loiasis in parts of the Niger Delta, in Imo State, Nigeria. Nigerian Journal of Parasitology 32(1): 25 -29

6. Nwoke B.E.B., Ukaga C.N., Nwajiuba C.N., Nwoke E. A., and Chukwuocha U.M. (2011): A review on the Adaptaion Strategies to the Impact of Climate change on Health: A key to achieving millennium development goals. Nigerian Journal of Parasitology 32 (1): 143 -152

7. Chukwuocha U.M., Ukaga C.N., Dozie I.N.S., Nwoke B.E.B., Ajaero C.M.U., Nwachukwu M.I. (2010): Local knowledge and perceptions on the transmission, treatment and prevention of loiasis in parts of Niger Delta Area of Imo State, Nigeria. Nigerian Journal of Parasitology 31(1): 21 -25

8. Nwoke B.E.B., Nwoke E.A., Ukaga C.N., and Nwachukwu M.I. (2010): Epidemiological characteristics of Bancroftian Filariasis and the Nigerian Environment. Journal of Public Health and Epidemiology 2(6): 113 – 117

9. Ekwunife C.A., Okafor S. O., Ukaga C.N., Ozumba N.A., Eneanya C.I. (2010): Parasites associated with sachet drinking water (pure water) in Awka, South Eastern Nigeria. Sierra Leone Journal of Medical Research 2(1): 23-27

10. Chukwuocha U.M., Dozie I.N.S., Onwuliri C.O.E., Ukaga C.N., Nwoke B.E.B., Nwankwo B.O., Nwoke E.A., Nwaokoro J.C., Nwoga K.S., Udujih O.G.,  Iwuala C.C., Ohaji E.T., Morakinyo O.M., Adindu B.C., (2010). Perceptions on the Use of Insecticide Treated Nets in Parts of the Imo River Basin, Nigeria: Implications for Preventing Malaria in Pregnancy. African Journal of Reproductive Health 14(1): 117 – 128

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Note: Some publications were in my maiden name Dallah Chinyere N.


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