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Dr. Martin Daumer

SLCMSR e.V. - The Human Motion Institute
Hohenlindener Str. 1

Brief Biography:

Selected publications are at



Academic positions:

Director SLCMSR e.V. - The Human Motion Institute

Visiting lecturer at TUM/LMU Munich for

- Telemedicine - from basic science to the market

- Clinical Application of Computational Medicine

- Body Area Networks


Research interests:

- mobile accelerometry

- Human motion

- biosignal analysis

- telemedicine

- neurologic degenerative diseases

- multiple sclerosis research

- outcome measures



What I think of the idea behind WebmedCentral:

Open access to scientific results and public visability of the review process is the right way for the international collaborative effort to find the truth.


Home Page:

www.thehumanmotioninstitute.org, www.actibelt.com, www.trium.de