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Dr. Barathi Subramaniam

Associate Professor
Melakka Manipal Medical College

Brief Biography:

Medical Educationist with Physiology background.


Interested in student assessment,feedback,curriculum development


Academic positions:


1. February 19, 2013 to date: Professor; Department of physiology, MMMC, Manipal
2. January 2010–February 18, 2013: Associate Professor; Department of physiology, MMMC,Manipal
3. September 2008-January 2010: Assistant Professor; Department of physiology, MMMC,Manipal
4. September 2008-September 2008: Assistant Professor; Department of physiology, KMC Manipal
5. February2006 – September 2008: Assistant Professor; Department of physiology, SMIMS, Gangtok
6. January 2006-January 2006: Assistant Professor; Department of physiology, KMC Mangalore
7. August 2002-2005: Post Graduate cum Tutor; Department of physiology, KMC Mangalore
8. Oct-1997- Aug 2002: Lecturer cum Medical Officer; Nitte Education Trust, Mangalore.
9. Feb-2001- Aug 2002: Asst.Professor (part-time); S.C.S. College of Nursing
10. Jun.1998- Aug 2002: Asst.Professor (part-time); Vikas College of Physiotherapy
11. Jan. 1999 - Aug 2002: Asst.Professor (part-time); Lakshmi Memorial College of    Physiotherapy
12. Jan. 1999 - Aug 2002: Asst.Professor (part-time); NIITE Institute of Laboratory Technology
13. April.1995 - Sep 1997: Resident Medical Officer; Samaritan Clinic and Community Centre, Nilgiris,Tamilnadu.


1. Burroughs Wellcome Award
2. Visisht Chikitsa Medal


Research interests:

Heart Rate Variability,Mesolimbic Dopominergic System,Diabetes,Learning and Memory; Curriculum development, innovations in teaching,Student Assessment, Case based teaching.


Any other information:


1. Subramaniam BS, Hande S, Komattil R.Attendance and achievement in medicine: Investigating the impact of attendance policies on academic performance of medical students.AnnMed Health Sci Res 2013; 3:202-5.  DOI: 10.4103/2141-9248.113662
2. Subramaniam BS Amuthan A Almeida PMD, Arunkumar HD. Efficacy of Gamat Extract in Wound Healing in Albino Wistar Rats.Int. J. Pharm. Sci. Rev. Res., 2013;20(1):142-145
3. Amuthan A, Subramaniam BS. 18 Siddhars and Siddha Medicine: The Forgotten Indian Saints and their Medical Knowledge. University News, 2013;51(05):41-44,53
4. Subramaniam BS, Ramaswamy C. Role of gender and the waist-hip ratio (WHR) on heart rate variability (HRV) in adolescent age. Natl J Physiol Pharm Pharmacol 2013; 3:4-8. Online First: 07 Aug, 2012. doi:10.5455/njppp.2013.3.4-8
5. Subramaniam BS. Influence of Body Mass Index on Heart Rate Variability (HRV) in Evaluating Cardiac Function in Adolescents of Selected Indian Population. Italian Journal of Public Health 2011;8:xxx-xxx
6. Subramaniam BS, Md A Ciraj. Influence of Gender, Ethnicity, Eating Habits and Exercise on Body Mass Index Among Students of an Indian Medical School. Journal of Obesity, http://www.webmedcentral.com/article/2485.
7. Postgraduate training in Physiology: Trends and Challenges and Graduate training in Physiology. APPI Conference Surat Dec 2006.
8. Subramaniam BS, Saxena SK Diversity: An essential component of scholarly Teaching and Learning
9. Subramaniam BS, Saxena SK. Postgraduate Training In MD Physiology :Curriculum Innovation
10. Subramaniam BS, Ramaswamy C The influence of Waist Hip Ratio (WHR) and Gender on Heart Rate Variability (HRV) in normal adolescent students IJPPAZ 2004; 48(5): 66.
11. A Correlation of Anthropometric Measurements with some Cardiovascular Function in Adolescents.
12. Role of Mesolimbic Dopaminergic System on Alcohol intake in rats. (Ongoing Research).
13. Compiled a book  titled “My Diabetes”,2006 (in English, Kannada Malayalam) Published by KMC Mangalore
14. Compiled a book titled “Know your Local Language” to communicate with Patients” for Medical and Health Sciences Students.


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