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  • Young Females and Cerebral Venous Thrombosis
    Abstract : Cerebral venous thrombosis (CVT), is an under diagnosed condition for acute or slowly progressive neurological deficit. CVT has a wide spectrum of signs and symptoms, which may evolve suddenly or over the weeks. It is clinically challenging and mimics neurological conditions, such as: meningitis, encephalopathy, benign..
    By Dr. Gentian Vyshka on 17th Aug 2020 Full Text PDF
  • Migraineurs without nausea: how do they differ from migraineurs with nausea?
    Abstract: Background: Nausea is regarded as an essential element in the diagnosis of migraine. However, some patients with migraine do not experience nausea during their migraine attacks. These patients may show different clinical features that demand different management strategies. The authors evaluated how migraineurs without..
    By Dr. Jae-Myun Chung on 07th May 2015 Full Text PDF
  • Corpalgia Pseudoathetosica: Another Face for an Old Syndrome?
    Abstract : Background: Restless legs syndrome (RLS) is a chronic common condition, often debilitating. Variants of RLS include restless arms and restless genital syndrome. Restless legs may occur in patients with chronic pain. Aims of the Study: To report three female patients with generalized involuntary movements superimposed..
    By Dr. Daniel E Jacome on 28th Aug 2014 Full Text PDF
  • Cough-Induced Transient Global Amnesia
    Abstract : Two patients developed acute loss of short term memory of several hours duration while preserving autobiographic memory and exhibiting no focal signs and symptoms following a crisis of severe coughing. The first patient had recurrent allergic bronchitis; the second patient had hereditary pressure palsy neuropathy (HPPN..
    By Dr. Daniel E Jacome on 09th Jan 2014 Full Text PDF
  • Bitemporal Lobe Epilepsy Versus Unitemporal Lobe Epilepsy
    Introduction: Temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE) is the commonest form of focal epilepsy syndrome ranging in surgical series, between 60 - 75% of patients operated on for drug resistant epilepsies (Blumcke et al., 2002; Lahl et al. 2003). Starting from the fifties, following Falconer’s observations (1964) and later on Margerison and Cor..
    By Dr. Gentian Vyshka on 30th Dec 2013 Full Text PDF
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