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  • Self-Pay All Along
    My opinion: Being an avid reader, I stumbled onto the health insurance practice of ASO [1]. As a healthcare consumer, it is important to know what ASO is. The acronym ASO stands for "Administrative Services Only" [2], a practice that has figuratively evolved the majority of our employers into becoming our health insurance carriers..
    By Dr. Deepak Gupta on 19th Mar 2018 Full Text PDF
  • Honorariums: How can they be so difficult to devise?
    Abstract: Honorariums (for organizing conferences and for managing journals): How can they be so difficult to devise? As only zilch comes free and nobody wants their conferences or their journals to be zilches, the society should decide and conclude to invariably pay their organizers and their editors unless the society keeps co..
    By Dr. Deepak Gupta on 21st Dec 2016 Full Text PDF
  • "Paid" Medical Research For Students: Time For Minimum-Wage Medical Research Internships
    Abstract: As a researcher myself, I have always wondered about what drives the pursuit of research. There is data to suggest the positive impact of medical student research for future evolution as academic physicians or physician-scientists. The data from undergraduate student research, however, suggests that pre-medical student..
    By Dr. Deepak Gupta on 14th Sep 2016 Full Text PDF
  • Cost-Effectiveness Studies Applied to the Screening Of Colorectal Cancer
    Abstract: Screening for colorectal cancer (CRC) is an effective strategy to reduce its mortality and even its incidence. But due to the existence of multiple screening tests with their differences in costs, acceptability and effectiveness in terms of life years gained (LYG) well-designed studies are needed to assist the Health A..
    By Dr. Esther Una Cidon on 13th Feb 2013 Full Text PDF
  • Cost Effectiveness Estimate of Bazedoxifene
    Abstract : Background: A three-year clinical trial of bazedoxifene 20 or 40mg/day compared with raloxifene 60mg/day or placebo in postmenopausal women with osteoporosis showed that treatment with bazedoxifene significantly reduced the risk of new vertebral fracture (NVF) in this population; all subjects received oral daily calciu..
    By Dr. Ana A Iglesias on 14th Dec 2011 Full Text PDF
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