• WebmedCentral: The Only True Post Publication Peer Review Journal

WebmedCentral was a small attempt by a few clinicians to bring some fairness to the academic publishing world. With the support of many thousands of scientists and professors from pretty much every single major institute in the world, we have now established a vibrant journal based on post publication peer review model. There are thousands of articles and reviews on our portal to vouch for that.


Moreover, we have provided true freedom to authors and reviewers, unlike some others who took our idea, launched their own journal on this model but then started doing all the same screening that every other journal does. Needless to say, their costs and hence price are also similar to other journals. We, at WebmedCentral, have long held the belief that it does not have to cost thousands of dollars to publish an open access article and we are now succesfully demonstrating it by publishing articles for GBP 25.00 each.


This year, we aim to approach indexing bodies and it is our hope that with all our recent changes, they will index us. How long will they continue to ignore this global movement involving thousands of researchers from every single country of the world. 


Kind regards,

Deepak Kejariwal

CEO, Webmed Limited, 

United Kingdom