Submited on: 06 Dec 2012 12:20:49 PM GMT
Published on: 06 Dec 2012 02:22:13 PM GMT

DNA micro array is a useful technique in present era to analyze gene expression of any organism. And it is already in use for medicinal plants study. We feel a lack of national gene library and medicinal plant database. That may be useful to discover novel medication and treatment for diseases. This review paper was written to draw attention of readers towards database of plant based medicines and maintain its gene expression based database also so making discovery of novel drugs easier and fast. Gene typing and fingerprinting also useful to monitor availability of specific drug producer plants in a local area. The gene database would be useful to develop novel synthetic drugs against drug resistant diseases also.


Dear reviewers, thank you for your valuable comments, here keeping in mind these importance and conventional biology researchers. We written details of techniques and economics. So far researchers who are working to maintain database and monitoring medicinal plants at national or local wise may become aware about this useful tool also. And then it may be possible by research community to provide better knowledgebase for public. And using economic importance one can convince their fund providers and Govt. authorities.