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Training Tracks Proposal
Posted by Dr. Neena Agarwala on 31 Aug 2011 12:33:43 PM GMT

We have talked about the length of residency and tracks for a long time.  I think its time to implement a change in ob-gyn residency or else we will be seeing poorer surgeons.

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    The wide variation in training and experience is quite evident.  Some programs are doing well with numbers of cases per resident ( I am unable to make out from the chart if the numbers are per resident or total for a program), while others are clearly short on the training as evident from the minimum number of cases - and if they are for the program as a total - that program should not be accredited.  None-the less it is becoming more and more evident that the general obstetrics training may be the only thing that is adequate and that tracks in residency training are needed.  Just like Surgery - one splits into general surgery, or urology or orthopedics or ENT and ophthalmology etc - OB-Gyn training will need to have a general component for 2 years and then split into office gynecology, obstetrics, laborist, surgical gynecology tracks followed by fellowships after the individual tracks leading up to more trained physicians.  The work hour reduction has further compounded the problem and we are seeing less and less trained residents as years go by.

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