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Specific Biomarkers for Breast Cancer
Posted by Dr. Ekaterina V Moiseeva on 06 Mar 2013 10:50:24 AM GMT

I believe this article is an example of important first steps on a way to develop specific bio-markers for breast cancer. Ideally, prognosis for cancer patient should be developed before any therapeutical intervention (including surgery). So, only patient derived parameters should be involved instead of tumor derived characteristics commonly used. I agree with the author that new metabolomic parameters revealed in breast cancer lines should be tested in breast cancer patients to prove their validity and specificity. 

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    I am dealing with preclinical anti-breast cancer drug testing last 2 decades. My main interest to develop breast cancer biomarkers (including surrogate ones) to predict patient outcom before any therapy application.

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Thanks for the comment I would be glad if you review the paper
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